If there is anything that encapsulates the essence of Stadium it is the story of how Stadium’s Antony Spencer found the site of the Emirates Stadium for Arsenal Football Club.

Scouring an A-Z map of north London and cutting from a piece of paper the footprint of a 60,000-stadium, Antony worked out that a site at Ashburton Grove (just 500 metres from the old Highbury stadium) could work. Painstakingly, Antony went round all 240 businesses on site (including the local Council’s refuse depot) and found that if alternative premises could be found the vast majority would be happy to move. As one satisfied landowner later said;"It's not every day someone asks you to sell them their property when you're sitting next to a rubbish dump. I said to him, ‘Come in, let's get the kettle on’".

And the rest, as they say, is history.